Around the World in 40 Days - Summer '08 travel blog

Our Second Class Cabin ...

Crossing the River Irkut

Industrial Lands of Angarsk

Irkutskaya Oblast


Sunset Over Railyards - Malta

Sunset West of Irkutsk

Waking up near "Uk"

"Uk" Vogzal

Halfway Between Vladivostok and Moscow!

Siberian Countryside - near Kamishet

Taishet Station

Trackside with Lenin and Shops

Token Soviet Engine Photo

Taishet Shopping Mall


The Burbs

Park Outside Station

Will These Ever Get Clean!?

Taishet Railyard

Day 18 - Trans-Siberian Railway Leg II

Our train left just after dinner taking us past relatively level farmland, interrupted by industrial lands for timbre and Oil refineries [Angarsk]. We spent most of this trip in the dark, but the sunset views were incredible. Before we could reach our destination, Taishet, the train was in no hurry and made every stop imaginable! By morning we had only covered about 250km. Not much to say about our morning train journey - mostly similar landscapes of trees, hills, villages, railyards and rivers. The highlight of this day really was our stop in Taishet ...

Yet ANOTHER 6 hour stop :(

We were not impressed ... but we took advantage of the opportunity to walk and explore. We found this railway town to be run-down but pleasant enough and it was easy to kill several hours just walking around and exploring. We struck out in search of food, decent washrooms, internet, and a window squeegie. Most of those items we found in the local "shopping mall." From there we wandered deeper into Taishet in search of the market. It was standard fare, although we did pick up some yummy pancake treats from a bakery.

We decided that there are only 3 kinds of shops in Siberian towns: Cell Phones, Food, and Clothing (that all looks the same)!

The back streets were a highlight - lined with wooden homes and nice gardens, we quite enjoyed simply walking around town.

We took a good siesta on the train while it was moved around and recombined for the overnight trip to Abakan ...

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