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Woke up earlier this morning but decided to get up anyway so that I wouldn’t miss Dave going to work! We all had breakfast together which was nice and then I said goodbye to Dave. Am hoping that I might see them all again at Xmas in the UK!

As I was already packed I had time to play with Ella and Alex one last time before we had to leave for the airport. Alex stayed with her Grandmother and Ella came with Liz and me. It was very sad saying goodbye at the airport…don’t think Ella likes goodbyes…

At the airport I discovered that our plane was delayed slightly when I checked in. I went through to the departures lounge and had a snack then sat waiting. It wasn’t long before we were told that we would be an hour late taking off as the plane we were due to use wasn’t yet in Brisbane…familiar story I do believe! We ended up taking off about an hour and a half late I think but the flight was ok and we landed in Melbourne about 4.30pm.

I got my bags and got the Skybus into town so that I could catch a train to meet Dave. Dave lives 80kms north of Melbourne so I had to get a train to him. I just missed one train and had to wait for about 25 mins for the next one which was a little annoying… Dave’s meeting went on longer than he expected though so it actually worked out to be perfect timing as he had only been waiting for me for about 10 mins when I finally got to the station. We had about a 45 minute drive home through the countryside – felt like I was back in Africa at times as he took the back road through the forest which was really only a track. Apparently there is a lot of wildlife around which is exciting. We drove through a forest called Wombat Forest but Dave said that in the 7 months he has lived here he has yet to see a wombat but that he does occasionally come home to a kangaroo sitting on his lawn!

The house is great – it really is in the middle of nowhere – reminds me a little of where I grew up as there is only 30 houses in the village and a pub that is being done up so not open! Apparently there used to be a general store and a couple of other shops longer ago as well but they are no longer there which is a shame… Looking forward to getting out and exploring in the morning if the weather will allow me – forecast is for rain so we will see!

Had a lovely evening by the wood burner catching up with Dave! It’s pretty damn chilly here but the fire makes it very cosy!

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