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Mt. Aspiring




I have spent the last few days in Queenstown Wanaka wishing that I had my snowboard. Queenstown is a bustling town in the winter and very much reminded me of a Colorado ski town. Queenstown is referred to as the adventure capital of New Zealand and home to a good deal of adventure sports including the worlds first commercial bungy jump. Seeing that I am currently broke I did not get to partake in any of the adventure sports but I do plan on making a return trip after I make some money. I did hike to the top of the gondola via the one mile creek track. My last night there I went out with a group of Aussies which was an adventure in itself. Needless to say I paid for the fun that night with a rough bus ride the next day. I only stayed in Wanaka for a night since there is really nothing to do besides skiing. The Burton New Zealand Open was taking place right outside of Wanaka but the events were called off the day I was there because of crappy weather.

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