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Natural Bridge

Kicking Horse River

Emerald Lake and the Burgess Shale

Emerald Glacier

Takakkaw Falls

Close up

Kicking Horse River and Mountains

Beautiful Mountains


Having driven through the Yoho National Park yesterday we drove back into the park and explored some of the side roads. The first road we took was the Emerald Lake Road stopping firstly at the Natural Bridge. Here a natural rock bridges arches over the Kicking Horse River. Although not big as some of the natural bridges we have seen it is quite unusual in its shape.

At the end of the road was the beautiful Emerald Lake. After sitting beside the lake for lunch we decided to hike the 5.2 km trail around the lake. It was a wonder walk which we all enjoyed. We walked through two completely different environments, the south side being dry with pine trees and the north side wet and like a rain forest. There were also interpretive boards which explained about the fossils of the Burgess Shale. This is a mountain area visible from the lake where scientist have found 510 million year old remains of more than 120 species of marine animals. The fossils are so preserved that scientists have been able to see what these ancient creatures ate just before they died!

We then headed up the Yoho Valley road to the Takakkaw Falls. Takakkaw means “magnificent” in Cree. The falls were definitely magnificent and are one of the highest waterfalls in Canada. We took the short walk to the base of the falls. The road to the falls also provided awe inspiring views of the mountains within the park.

An excellent day. Jenny was snoring well in the evening.

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