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Sometime during the wee hours of the morning, 4 of the 5 occupants of our cabin became very ill. I suppose the adults all ate the same type of food. Fortunately Daniel had chicken and slept through the night.

We on the other hand, had only 1 bathroom. Lucky for ya'll I am out of pics to place on this space for the day......LOL.

It was a very very long drive back toward Sioux Falls. The rest areas and gas stations are few and far between.

Tabitha drove almost the entire way back since she seemed to get over her sickness quicker than the rest. Poor Keith, I thought we would have to take him to get IVF's but he was finally able to keep some Gatorade down.

What a horrible way to end our week.

Please excuse the spelling on my pages. Gary has reminded me that I'm a terrible speller and I am so use to using spellcheck.

Let me hear your comments.

More fun times to come.


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