2008 Keys 2 Canada travel blog

fog suits Nova Scotia

softens the edges some

Monday morning commute outside Halifax

wonder if the fish are biting here?

rock outcroppings along the highway

believe it or not - this is a Mountie - they drive...

our campsite at Sackville KOA

a good place to hang out for a few days

there are some nice sites here

tent site on the river

view across the river

boat dock on the river



entrance to the park

view down river

A short trip from Shubenacadie - Monday, July 28

We woke to a foggy and humid Shubenacadie (SHOE-bin-ACK-adee) morning. There was even a little rain and the ground around Lynch Lake was marshy.

Yesterday I signed a waiver, acknowledging that if I used Lynch Lake I knew it would be at my own risk, and relieving park management of all responsibility. Despite that ominous warning and all the various “Do NOT do whatever it is you’re thinking of doing!” signs I decided to risk it.

It was worth it.

Lynch Lake is a placid little pond about two or three acres in size, surrounded by woods and edged with lily pads that have yellow and blue flowers. I could see fish rising. I threw an empty seed pod out onto the water and something immediately made a lunge for it. So the fish are hungry. We communed a little longer, me throwing out seed pods and them checking them out, until we all got bored with it and gave up. I returned (safely) to the RV, and we disconnected and checked out.

From Shubenacadie it’s not far to the Nova Scotia version of Sackville, where our KOA is located. On the way we passed the Halifax Airport where we are coming tomorrow to see Athena off for home. Like most airports, this one is under construction and has little or no parking, so we’ll just have to deal with that problem tomorrow.

In the meantime we found our campground OK, and we checked in and spent the rest of the day taking advantage of their fairly decent WiFi service. We’ll probably stay here for a few days and do some catching up, as well as checking out Halifax, which has a colorful history and a great reputation. So stay tuned for more thrilling adventures like this one!

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