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Most of the day as tourists in Moscow. Flight leaving at 11 pm.

Moscow is very cool(in the teens centigrade), overcast and even rain. The big temp change seems to have brought on a cold - sore throat, runny nose...complain, complain, ha!

Anyway, we met several people from Spain and two from France going to the eclipse who are staying at Napoleon Hostel as well. Starting to get really into this thing. We went out to get in line for viewing Lenin in his mausoleum but the line was too long and by 12:30 they closed it off, no more would be allowed in before close at 1 pm! They had all of Red Square blocked off, we asked what it was about and were told by some TV camera guys that it was for the Russian olympic team so we waited around for that. Finally, about 1:30 about 30 young people appeared across the way coming out of the Kremlin gates. They were so far away we could barely see them let alone take any kind of pics. Bored and a bit hungry we headed back to the hostel stopping for a quick look thru some windows where the team had headed for a smorgesboard lunch...I saw a real tall fellow who seemed to be one of their main attractions - later I saw him presenting some jersey to a Russian politician on TV - blond hair, kind of spiky so if I see any Olympics I expect to see him on the basketball team!

Mari had taken a bit of a tumble so back at the hostel she spent the afternoon 'on ice' while Bon & I did some internet and just cooling our heals til 7 when we left via Metro & shuttle bus for the airport. I swear 80% or more Russians both men and women smoke like chimneys. The omnipresent smoke has contributed to my cough as well, and I thought alot of Turks smoked but nothing compared to Russians.

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