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Some R and R on his PSP!

Em insists she has a cushtie down her trousers but I reckon...

Room with a view.....view from our room!

View to the right

Aaaaaaand the view to the left!

We like to break a mental sweat too!

That black blob is a humpbacked Whale! How mad is that!! This...

Sunset at Jefferys Bay

Don't let the sun go down on me..

Same sunset different photo

Yeaaaaaaah got up in time for a surf lesson this mornin.

Aaaaaaaand it was 2 hours of pain and disappointment!! (Just like watching Spurs!!!)

However it was really good fun and I deffo gonna give it another go tomorrow.

After that me and Em went into town, had some munch, went to the Billabong Factory Shop (it's so funny man, everyone who lives here, surfers, school kids, tramps, old black ladies, all wear Billabong stuff because it's lie GBP 3.00 for a T-Shirt!! Very surreal!), and then went back to the hostel.

We had a bit of a read of our books and then headed to the bar for the usual mix of beer, vodka, and random shots from the barmen!

Oh yeah and as you may or may not see from the photo's a frickin whale cruised past our balcony like 200 metres away man!!!!


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