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I have been in Christchurch for the past couple of days hanging out and trying to get a job. I found a job at a hostel that would have been perfect and I actually had an interview with the lady who runs it. However, I did not get the job. Christchurch seemed to be a pretty nice place however, I did not really do much because the weather sucked and I am planning on returning there anyway. So, I decided that I was going to take a 10 day trip down to the bottom of the south island. I started the tour today with my first stop in Oamaru. There is not a whole lot in Oamaru except a couple of penguin colonies. The first colony is the yellow-eyes penguin and the other is the blue penguin. I went to the yellow-eyed colony first and really didn't have much luck. I saw about four penguins and they were all pretty far away. The blue penguin colony is in an DOC visitor center and they have penguin viewing areas. There I saw about 15 penguins climbing out of the water and prolly another 6 already on land. Unfortunatly there were no cameras allowed in the viewing area so I didn't get any pictures.

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