2008 Keys 2 Canada travel blog

typical island congestion

this is some of the nicest driving we've had

heron sculpture outside a restaurant in Northport

the nice waitress took our picture

view from our restaurant window

Northport Sea Rescue Center

rush hour on Prince Edward Island

this small island generates a lot of rivers

there are a lot of old buildings like this

when you're main crops are corn and potatoes you won't ever starve

that's our campground for the night

a good view of the water and a fine breeze for sleeping

And a motor home takes a lot of liters! - Thursday afternoon, July 24

Leaving North Cape we started south and east again, heading back toward the center of the island. Our drive took us through the small town of Northport where we stopped at the Boathouse Restaurant to have lunch. We enjoyed haddock, lobster dip and lobster sandwiches, and some P.E.I. potato salad, with a nice view of the small harbor.

Outside we visited the Sea Rescue Station, which had a number of fine signs explaining the history of the station, and describing a number of the famous storms and resultant wrecks the local crews weathered. It was quite fascinating and inspiring.

From Northport we continued south and east, following as much as possible the north shore of the island. Eventually we came to the wide Malpaque Bay. We followed the bay inland until we could cross the Grand River that feeds it, and from there on we were again in the more populated center of the island.

Our friendly guy in Nova Scotia had told us not to let our gas tank get below half full, because a lot of the stations on the island are mom and pop operations that close early. We spotted an Irving Station and were thrilled to find that the price of gas has plummeted since Tuesday - dropping from $5.362 a gallon to a mere $5.238. Good thing we won the war with Iraq or it might still be $2 something.

From the gas station it was not far to our campground for the night, at the north shore town of Darnley. We scored a space with a good view of the water.

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