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As close as we got to the beach in Plett!!!!

Looked nice didn't it!!!

Our nice beach picnic

Em gracious in victory at pool. I am a loser and no...

Today we just pretty much explored (or tried to anyway!!!) Plett Bay.

We found a restaurant witha verander for brecko - I had a cheeky fry-up and Em (guess what) had a toastie!! She love toastie.

We then spent about 3 hours in the Internet Cafe (after eventually finding it!) updating all of the photos from the "Best Day So Far" entry!

After this we went for a little adventure for a little picnic on the beach.

About an hour later after walking up and down some seriously steep hills we eventually worked out the correct road to the beach!

About half way down it though we gave up as the sun was setting and it would have been dark by the time we got we just had a bit to eat on the side of the road!!!

We went out for dinner that night and Plett High Street was absolutely deserted!

It was really wierd. I know it's out of season but literally every restaurant that we looked in had at most 1 couple in!

We went to a bar first, that again was completely dead, and Em beat me at pool!!!!

Ohhh and drew with me at Golden Tee she's just reminded me!!

So I didn't speak to her for the rest of the evening......

No, we eventually plumbed for the 'packed' Miguels (2 couples in here!) and both went for the recomended tastey burger......................and we're glad we did, it was deeeeeeeelish!!!!

Best burger we've had in years - and we've tried a few!!!

Tomorrow I am going bungee jumping off of the highest bridge in the galaxy or something!

Em doesn't look too keen!!!

Check out the next exciting installment of the A&E adventure to see if we made it!!!


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