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So many lovely coves

A neat little church

Aint this cute

Windmills of my mind

I love the sound of ocean waves

And more

Eating an apple in St. Peter's

So pretty

Now this IS a church!

I say “Good Morning” at the breakfast table to a couple from Ontario, just north of Toronto. Interesting guy, he bought a place here and plans to retire in PEI. The place is lovely, only a whopping great $64,000!

I say goodbye to Zita, a real woman if you know what I mean. Was (still is) married to a man who has passed on. She is quick to point out that he was a veteran and still ‘feel’s’. She is 85 and is young at heart if you know what I mean. I know kids of 25 and are old! I look into her eyes and see a presence – she will live to be 100! She is a strong Canadian!

So, off I go into the wild blue yonder – again. Its starts and stops raining so I say ballocks, just go without raingear.

I stop and I start and I stop and I start Elsie and we take pictures as we travel along the road. This place is very lovely.

I turn off to a lighthouse and, of course, it cost $4 to go up. My God, this is a tourist trap. I chat with a couple of fellow bikers and they give me some tips and bon voyage and I am on my way.

I am cruisin’ along at a lick and I turn the corner and greeted by these wonderful windmills. They are feathered and consequently not spinning and then onto another lovely little harbour so I stop and take some pictures of the ocean waves. Very picturesque and I am told that it’s warm enough to swim in – yer, right!

I make my way to St. Peter, fill up with gas, buy an apple and chill-out on the bay. The lobster traps are in rows upon rows, all neatly lined up.

I pass though a place called Cavendish which reminded me of Black pool as it was soooo touristy, you know the type: crazy golf, and all that crap so I plied on though the place!

So onto the next circular route and I am tired and see this Econo Lodge and decide to stay for the night. My God, this place is expensive and touristy!

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