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First to Tim Horton’s for a coffee and then make my way east, an uneventful ride to Confederation Bridge that spans between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Isle. It’s a long bridge but only two lanes which is OK as there is no traffic.

I exit to the visitors centre and wow, this is the most touristy I have seen so far. There are even teenager girl dancers doing their thing. Well, the only real industry here is Tourism so it’s a bit of a love-hate relationship.

First to the capital Charlottetown and its busy, tourists everywhere and well, thank you no, I will continue on and comeback after circling the east side of the island.

The tourist board is pretty good (check out their website). They have three different routes around the island so off I go to do the eastern route.

The land is rolling hills and on my right is the ocean. It’s blowing like a hell and then I notice potato fields. What makes this interesting is that the farmer has planted flowers at the edge the fields - weird. As well, the letter boxes at the side of the road have flower pots.

I pass by many fields of canola, a brilliant yellow flower or is it a weed. Guess it’s your point of view but it is worth dollars.

I continue doing a counter-clockwise ride by the side of the ocean and pass some delightful little harbours. I see a gas station with an ATM and as I most probably will B&B tonight I pull over to get some money.

Well, the ATM goes all haywire but the owner gets me some money from her till and as I am waiting I ask some bloke about lodgings. He tells me to continue to Montague, so I get my money, say my thank yous and on my way.

Montague is charming but, no motels in the harbour area. I find the visitors centre and they make a few phone calls and decide on a B&B because folks, my budget is blown to hell.

I find this funny little B&B run by Zita who’s quick to point out she is Irish (sure, how many generations ago). Anyway, its basic but for $55 is OK.

The weather forecast predicts the same tomorrow as it was today, overcast with a 30% chance of precipitation. I hope it doesn’t as the roads here are appalling. Road signs state, “Pavement (road) broken” – now that is an understatement.

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