Alaska By RV 2008 travel blog

Aerial view of Barrow.

Lisa and Linda at the cold Arctic Ocean!

Whale bone art at the ocean.


Hello Everyone,

Well, today was truly an adventure. We flew up to Barrow, the northern most town in Alaska (they call it the top of the world), on a twin piper 9 passenger prop plane. It only carried six passengers so that it could carry enough fuel to get us home. Barrow is a truly remote and depressing looking town. Everything is gray and black and dirty. No green, trees, or grass are to be seen anywhere! It is fascinating to see how these people live. Of course, 80% of the people that live in Barrow are of Eskimo descent, and they truly live off the land in this land-locked world.

It was an adventure to dip our fingers in the Arctic Ocean...yes, it was very cold, and no....we did not earn the right to be members of the Polar Bear Plunge Club. The trip was an experience to say the least. No polar bear sightings at this time, as they have all left to feed in the thawed ocean.

We left 32 degree weather, and the forecast was for snow the next day....we heard that it did snow....thankfully after we left.

Lisa and Linda

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