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So we left Rio after another big session there, and headed off across mainland Brazil, to the Bolivian border. And yes, it was another long bus journey, very long. This one took us just under 29 hours!!!! We met some cool people on the same coach who were all going the same way as us which made things more sociable.This trip took us to a border town called Corumba, where we hopped off the bus, got our passports stamped (to get out of Brazil), back on the bus for 10 minutes, off again to get our Bolivian stamps, then back on again for about 15 minutes. We finally got off the bus at a little village in Bolivia called Puerto Quijjaro. We were pretty knackered, so after a bit of milling about, we decided to get some money, jump in a cab and find a hostel for the night. Easy enough you would think. Except that I was so pleased that my Visa card worked, I forgot to take the card out of the machine and walked off, only to let the damn security guard (with big gun!!) to go in there and nick 100 dollars out of my account. My stupidity was rather embarassing.Anyhoo, we all found a hostel, then spent the rest of the day eating, drinking and exchanging stories with a drunk Isreali, a kiwi, a portugeuse fella , and an aussie called Ant. Got drunk, went to bed, ready for the ride on the train of death the next morning...........

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