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First Red from the Kenia

Dip Netters on the Kenia

Russian Church in village of Kenia

Wed 7-16

Since setting up here at Troy’s Friends we’ve met several new people. As I pulled into the parking area, the front tires of the car got turned from the loose gravel and plowed a furrow about twenty feet long. A neighbor ran over to my widow and told me the wheels were turned and holding me back. After I got stopped, got the wheels straight, and found my camp site, I went out to fill in the plowed furrow in with my foot. Everyone had seen what had happened and was out watching. Several fellows came over with shovels to help me out. Earl, Steve, Rod, Carl, Wayne. Easy way to make new friends make a scene when ya pull in to a new place. Four of the five fellows are retired military, all here to catch fish. AND I’m told they’ll be here by the middle of the month. Ha Ha.

We are leaving our RV at Steve place in Spokane, WA while we fly back to Ohio and NC for a get together with Ruthann’s brothers in early Sept. Remember, we’ve known Steve and Sharon now for 4 days.

I had made several trips to the river over the next few days with no success, until Steve and I went out at 6:30AM on the morning I was leaving. I hooked into three nice ones right off, first one broke my line, I landed the second, and the third one was only on for a short time. The one I landed weighted in at 6 lb.13 oz not a big fish but a nice one.

Bud and Betsy stopped by on their way back to Homer to say hi. Bud says his boat is ready to go when he gets there. And he’s goin’a get our Halibut and they’ll see us in Valdez the first of Aug to catch some Silvers. I guess time will tell.

We left Soldotna about noon and moved up to Portage Glacier, where we had made plans to meet Giorgio and Cindy for a couple of days. Giorgio is a friend we made in Cabo San Lucas two winters ago. We’ve had a good time with them and their going down to Troy’s Friends to meet up with Steve. Steve is going to show Giorgio the ins and outs of Salmon fishing on the Kenia River.

Spoke with Steve this evening and he and Sharon both caught their limit today. (3 each) Also had a call from Terri today and Lon caught his limit today as well. Looks like I left a day or two early.

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