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Aphrodısıas Stadıum (ıts bıgger than ıt looks)

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Ephesus Theater


So on Sunday the 13th July we took a ferry from Rhodes to Marmaris on the bottom western coast of Turkey. As we arrived it looked nothing like i had pictured it was like a resort town, our driver told us that basically all there was to see here was the beach. So we checked into our hotel which is like a resort in itself to find we are booked into a massive room with a kitchen and lounge etc, but instead of staying in our room we upgraded to the all inclusive deal with the hotel meaning we had free drinks and food all day and decided to cop a squat near the pool and thats where we stayed all day, drinking, talking shit, re-planning the wedding, tanning (well i was). Until we headed back to our room around 7pm which is when i realized i was completely hammered and passed out of the couch.

Given Sundays adventures i woke Monday morning not feeling the best. Today our guided tour started and we found out that we were the only two people on this part of the tour. When out tour guide Senay was asked why he only had 2 people he just said 'they are VIP'. So Monday we traveled from Marmaris to the ancient city of Aphrodisias, so called due to the presence of the temple dedicated to Aphrodidte the goddess of love. Its a very well preserved city and like most ancient cities is has an agora ( a meeting place of the people) a theater, some temples, some houses, some roman baths, a forum, and a gigantic stadium which was used for Olympic games back in the day before they used it to throw the Christians to the lions or hold chariot races. Turkey is really freggin hot – so hot i nearly passed out while wandering around (i think Egypt was hotter but we were always inside the temples here the temples are all but gone so we are in the sun all the time). We headed back to the car and made a stop for lunch at this cute little out door restaurant where they served us traditional Turkish food not that i could really stomach any of it still feeling pretty seedy. From lunch we drove to Pamukkale. Along the way i realise that Marmaris was an anomaly as the rest of the towns through Turkey had more of that run down 2nd nation feel a lot like Egypt. So Pamukkale is the ancient town that had calcite out crops and hot springs down the hill side – you have probably all seen photos but if not ive added one for you to see anyway although it doesn't give the site any justice it is extremely beautiful except for all the tourists trashing it. It is now a UNESCO world heritage site so security were trying to keep people out of the pools but they didn't listen. It is actually slowly drying up, the sources of the water – of which there are three (from higher in the mountains) are not getting enough water – they think global warming is to blame and its estimated that in 200years the water wont flow here anymore. The water is about 60 degrees underground but cools to about 38 when it flows into the cascades. Another beautiful wonder about to be destroyed by us its sad really our destruction on the world. Anyhoo from Pamukkale we headed to Denizli where our hotel was for the night. Jackpot another awesome hotel – so i headed out to the pool for a little while before we went to dinner then brent an di headed into the town to see what was going on. I dont think they get tourists here very often because as we were walking down the main st these guys were asking the little boy (who could speak English) to find out where we were from so we told him and hes yelling down the street to numerous people all wanting to know 'Australia, they are from Australia'. Anyhoo they were setting up for some concert thing which would later keep us away until around 2am.

So Tuesday 15th July we got up early and headed to the ancient city of Ephesus. Back in its heyday Ephesus was considered one of the 5 states of Europe along with rome and alexandria and 2 more i have forgottten (one on the boarder of syria and the other also in turkey). It was really well preserved and was a pretty big city too. There were houses, roman baths, theater, agora, forum, town hall, lavatories, and a hospital which was only small and probably only used for emergencies. There is also the library, this is usually the picture for Ephesus, its like 3 stories high and had separate reading rooms, but obviously there is not much left now. It also had the biggest theater in all of the ancient Turkish cities. After Ephesus we had lunch and then headed to a Turkish rug factory where we bought a silk on silk rug to have as a wall hanging, it pictures the tree of live incorporating symbols of love, life, luck, and happiness. We also stopped at a leather factory but didn't buy anything. Then on the way to our hotel we stopped at one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, the temple of Artemis although all that was left was one column and it had stalks nesting on it. We spent the night in izmir which is the third biggest city in Turkey after Istanbul and the capital Ankara.

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