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One of my RMC class as a Museum exhibit!

Old friends - not seen for 7 years!

NOT the Black Stump, the GREY stump - on the road to...

Back to our favoured spot at the van park in Rutherglen - unfortunately the addition of extra sites between us and the lake spoils our view sometimes. Found we have been sleeping in a bit as our relaxation kicks in.

Visited the Albury Caravan/4WD/boat show, stickybeaking while riding my scooter made life easy (only wore Joy out). Very pleased only bought one new gadget - 12V impact wrench to make removing wheel nuts much less stressful - tried it out - IT WORKS!

Also visited (for the first time) the Army Museum at Bandiana. Was impressed with the quality and variety of the displays - until I found a classmate among the exhibits! Dave Ferg has something to answer for, I knew our class were getting older, but - museum exhibits!

Took an interesting drive to viisit Bright (Via Beechworth on way back for the famous Beechworth Bakery). Talk about coincidence, went to pub for lunch and found 4 friends we haven't seen for 7 years! lot of talk catching up and lunch was rather delayed.

What will they think of next? On the way, saw a most unusual sculpture - an entire (huge) treestump and root system complete with fairies and animals.

Before leaving Rutherglen, Karen & Graham, friends and neighbours of many years (at our previous - static - address) came up to spend a couple of days at our park. They FORCED us to visit many cellar doors with them - so the van is now rather short of storage space for bottles. Must do something about that before we get to Mildura...the Barossa valley...the Clare valley...Margaret River...hmmmmm, maybe if we drink some it will reduce fuel consumption?

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