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Sunday 7/13/08

Obviously no church this morning…we are still in Vegas. We took a helicopter ride over Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon…What a way to see it! We just loved it. Bill and I again are at a fork in the road with our choice of our path of travel. I voted against driving straight through Death Valley in the middle of summer but he convinced me this would be the best way to go…Yikes! For those of you who have been in Death Valley you know how lovely it can be in the winter and even early spring…lots of sand dunes and dirt in the summer and as we were driving through a slight sand storm and I watched the sand snake across the road like the snow does in NY in the Winter I thought it to be so odd. When we stopped to get gas at Furnace, CA for $5.49/gl surprisingly, the 115 degree heat didn’t seem to overwhelm us too much…”Oh it’s a dry heat”! As we drove through this peculiar, barren space it actually had so many interesting things to see and we were shocked when a fluke storm blew in and it actually rained for a few moments. We stopped at a very cool hacienda type restaurant and saw a beautiful rainbow over the desert which the locals told us is quite a rare treat to see. We were glad this was the route we took. We arrived at our camp site in Sequoia National Forest late and went right to bed.

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