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I know there must be a reason why people don't do this...

It does exactly what it says on the tin!

I know you've seen Table Mountain before but I just don't think...

This is a family website so I have to restrain myself................

........Ehem, quite clever though eh!?!?!

Camps Bay

Camps Bay again!

How to ruin a perfectly nice photo!!!

2 seconds before this photo Em tried to stand up. BANG!. 2...

Do Do Dooooooo, come-on and join the Conger.....

I think the tights are slightly too much Mrs Lobster lady!!

Does this remind anyone else of those badies from outer space in...


A penguin. Really zoomed in. interesting or pointless? You decide!!

P P P P P Pick-up a Sorry Couldn't stop myself!!!

I did know what this little fella was called but I've forgotten...

Ahhhhhh a doydle!!!


It's been said before Pettet!!!

I love you too you warm mug of chocolate beautifulness!!

mmmmmmm overflowing with chocolatey goodness!

Day 5 - Still can't move!!!

We booked a Bus Tour of Cape Town today which we weren't 'hopping-on' until 11am ish so we could enjoy a leisurely brecko and stroll on down to the bus stop.

That was until Em killed her hair straighteners while trying to 'iron' her top!!!

So my leisurely breakfast involved my going into 6 Electrical shops trying to explain what a F'ing fuse was!!!

No joy unfortunately, so me and Afro-Pettet ended up running for the bus as it was about to bugger off without us!!!

The tour took us round some of the political hot spots of the last 40 years (like district 6 etc) along with some of the most famous buildings/places (Castle, Presidents Palace, Houses of Parliment, Gold Museum, Aquarium, Camps Bay, Table Mountain (again!!) etc - - honestly it was really really interesting!

We got off and had a wander around Camps Bay and also the 2 Oceans Aquarium.

Camps Bay was quite picturesque but the sea was frickin freezing, and the Aquarium had some proper wierd and oversized animals in there man!!( The giant crabs were like a metre big!!)

We met some woman who was the spitting image of Janice Dickinson (y'know that nutty American one off of "I'm a celebrity get me outta here"!!). She thought we were Australian........

ANNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYY we had a really nice lunch in Mr Pickwicks (we both reluctantly went for the footlong sandwiches!!!) and then had a few beers and wodkers in "The Dubliner" Irish pub (I know I hate myself but they had live music in there so what do you do!!?!?!). Got a bit drunk, met a few cool people in there, and finally crashed in the early hours.

Knowledge and beer is the way forward kids!!!


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