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Yeah we are climbing THAT!!!

View about an hour into the climb. You can see the road...

Our group was made up of 2 couples (Me, Em, Dwan, and...


View from about 2/3rds of the way up.

About 2 hours in.

About 2.5 hours in.

Last 50 metres from the peak! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

View from just below the peak


At the top!

We did it!

We did it...again!!

Don't look down!

Devils peak

Em manages to schneak into this one!

And so does Dwan!

Long Street!

Em confuses Table mountain for the Titanic!

A friendly bird with the Cape Coast behind

Smiling before the 2 hour trek back down!!

She won't be smiling for long!!!

The moon appears on the way down

Goodbye Table Mountain, thanks for the pain!!!!

Day 3 - Today was the first real day of doing stuff, so we thought we'd start with something easy like TREKING UP TABLE MOUNTAIN!!!!!

We were meeting our guide Riaan at the Hostel at Midday so we had plenty of time to get Em some super duper climbing shoes from down the road first. Easy. Except of course after taking half an hour to find the bloomin shop we found out they didn't have any in Ems size so we had to get a cab to the shopping mall 20 minutes away to try and find some there. Eventually got some but instead of having a nice relaxing morning getting ready and loading up on Carbs we spent most of it lost or in cabs!!

We were just about ready by 12 and set off with Riaan to the mountain.

About half way there Riaan got a call from another couple (Dwan & Elizabeth from Australia) so we turned back and picked them up too.

We had also found out that the cable car was closed for 3 weeks (from today!!) so not only were we going to have to climb the rather menacing looking mountain, but we were gonna have to climb back down it afterwards as well!

The really good thing about today though was the weather. It was beautiful sunshine (24 degrees) but there was a heavenly breeze as well.

We finally started hiking at about 1pm up what seemed a relatively easy slope. That lasted about 20 yards!! For the next two and a half hours it was about 45 degrees up massive boulder steps! It also did occur to us after 30 seconds, me and Em can't even climb the two flights of stairs to our flat without being out of breath so looking up, up, up, up in to the distance at the summit made us a little bit anxious to say the least!!!

We had a pretty reasonable pace going up and stopped about every 15 minutes or so for some water and a moan!!! (well I did anyway....I being Emma!)

Well I didn't want to mention that!.....

Annnyyyyyywayyyyyy it was a lot tougher than I think all of us expected (and this was the EASY route!) but after 2 and a half hours (it seemed like longer man!!) through blood, sweat, moaning, and tears (yeaaa the moaning part was me again....tears didn't come till the way down...when I fell on my arse! Em x) erm, where was I, ah yes anyway as you can see from the photos we actually did make it! Honestly I know it wasn't an 'Everest Base Camp' or a 'Kilamanwotsit' but we climbed over a thousand meters in just under 2 and a half hours up a steep ass mountain and it feels like quite a cool little achievement under our belts. I'd also just like to add I'm really proud of Em for actually doing something like this. A few less moans and "I can't do it"'s next time and she'll look like a pro. No not that sort of Pro.....(what do you mean next time?!.....)

It was an unbelievable view from the top as you can see and we could have stayed there forever..........or more accurately for about 3 weeks until the f'ing cable car was running again!!!

The decent was a bit of a struggle as it was really steep and some of the rocks were very slippery (As Em found out!!! Ehem...) but we all just about made it down in one piece just as the sun set.

It was a really knackering day and we were both exhausted but pleased with what we had achieved that day. I was anyway. Emma hated rocks. A LOT!!!..........ok until the pain subsided slightly and she was proud too...............until the next mornin when neither of us could move, then the hate started again!!!!

We celebrated the night of the climb with a take-away pizza and a couple of beers (Sorry mum but we had only eaten fruit and nuts all day. No not the chocolate bars either!!!!).

Bring on Machu Pitchu baby!!!:)

(We should just about have recovered by then!!!!)

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