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The day has finally arrived! Although it's understandably imaginable, but the truth is I never could really grasp the reality of actually living my homeland for another country until today.

After a short months of pondering, planning, and getting my nerves put together to make today works, only now I find myself giddy with excitements, fears, and anticipation. Looking back, pushing through from March until July, I had undergone many different events, incidents, and experiences which I think worth more than a lifetime.

Living a life after graduation is in no ways equal to the life before, these days all it takes to run my own life is myself; making decisions, executing it, and sticking to it. It could either go in two ways, whether I simply sit back and let fate runs its own course, or I take charge of my life and live my life to the fullest.

I choose the latter.

Oh, the price I have to pay. The sweats and strength I have to muster, the pain and scars I have to face, the fears I have to conquer. But if it means living my dreams and being with my loved ones - I may only say, come what may.

So it's today - I shall leave my home, my family, my ever-loving and best brother, my best buddies and the life I had before. I bid adieu to all of you, and I promise I will return again, in sya Allah (if God will).

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