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Sat. 7-5

We finally get Bud’s #1 boat running. Now we need to go to Seldova and pick up Bud’s #2 boat that has lost it’s transmission. Plans are to tow the boat back to Homer and then go for our Halibut.

Well things don’t always work out the way ya plan. We leave the harbor and the boat is barley running. Wide open maybe 5 miles an hour. The further we go the worse the engine sounds. We get out about 4 miles and the engine gets so hot it stops. Now it won’t restart. Bud says, we need to let her cool down and then it will start. So, 35 minutes later, after Bud takes a short nap we try the engine again. Surprise Surprise it starts, but not running good at all. Bud has been saying all afternoon we need to go to Seldova and get his boat, but after hearing it run as bad as it is he decides we should go back to the harbor. Well, the boat gets us about 2 miles before it quits again. We do this a few more times before we call for help and the radio. Price for a tow from a service company out of Seldova to Homer is $425. Bud won’t pay that so we flag down a fisherman and he towes us back to the harbor.

Still no Halibut.

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