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The Halibut we couldn't keep

The Halibut we couldn't keep

Wed, Thurs. 7-2 & 3

Fisherman in this sequel, Bud the owner of the boats, Lon our friend from FL.and myself.

Yesterday was the first day we put the Halibut boat in the water. Left the harbor about 3PM. The first two try’s with the engine were good, started with no problem except for the tyranny being in gear and breaking the rear shore line before Bud could get it shut down. Worked on the gear shift and thinking we might have it fixed we try again. No not really but good enough to go for it. On the third try the engine won’t turn over, guess the batter is the problem. We try jumper cables with no success, so Bud decides we need a new batter. Ruthann takes him back to town, and on the way he decides he can use a batter out of his motor home. We try again with the jumper cables and not enough to start it. So we try it again without tying it into the batter string. Bingo the engine fires up, so we decide if we start it and then when we shut the engine down if we disconnect the batter we should have enough juice to start the engine again. So off we go. everything works out good, we’re able to restart the engine several times with no problem, if we disconnect the batter ever time we shut the engine down. Like I said earlier, we left the harbor at 3PM spent the rest of the day looking for the honey hole, only not to find it. We return at around 11:30 PM with one Halibut.

Second day of Halibut fishing.

Quite a day on the water. We get off at around 11 AM, finally got the GPS and the Fish Finder fired up. But, to no surprise they were no help at all, we finally got our lines in the water at around 2PM. We did have a some success, we had caught 6 Halibut by 4PM. But things got better, we were ready to leave to see if we could catch another one or two a little bigger, somehow Bud succeeded in cutting the anchor rope with the engine prop. So we find another spot, and try to do some drift fishing, with no more success we decide its time to head back for port. We fire up the engine, no problem, throw it in gear and no gears can be found. So now we’re about 20 miles from port with no transmission and no radio. Bud disconnects the GPS and gets the CB radio fired up. With no response on the radio we flag down an oncoming charter ship, they say they can tow us into Seldova and we can catch a ride back to Homer. The only problem is that Seldova is on an island and the only way to it is by air or boat. We get to their harbor about 6:30 and talk the caption of the charter to take us back to Homer. Well, she can do all of this (tow us 10 miles and give us a lift to homer) if she can see any cash coming out of our pockets’. We get back to Homer around 8 o’clock now we have 6 fish to clean, which Bud has promised to give to his camp ground for their 4th of July BBQ. So bottom line we have caught 7 fish over the last 2 days with no meat for the freezer. Bud now has a dead boat in Seldova and one in Homer, and I’m not sure if I can continue to help the man when all he has for equipment is junk.

More to come later.

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