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Ducks at le Marche Noir

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We arrived in Edinburgh airport and it soon became apparent that our luggage did not arrive with us. We reported our missing luggage and were told we could wait because it would be on the next flight but we did not want to wait for an hour as we had reservations for dinner with Robin.

Instead, we took a cab to the flat we rented at 2 Cumberland Street, North East Lane, which turned out to be a small semi-basement flat on a narrow street in New Town. It suited us fine and was very quiet. Rain fell off and on as we drove the half hour or so to the flat.

We had no luggage to unpack so we headed out to Villeneuve Wines on Broughton Street for some wine and "malt" as they like to call single malt scotch in Edinburgh. We had returned and opened up a bottle when Robin called to let us know his train from London was late and he would be over to our flat after dropping his luggage at home.

After he arrived, we walked, in the rain with one umbrella among the three of us, about three blocks to Ducks at le Marche Noir. It was described as a French bistro but was much more upscale that what I would consider a bistro as it had linen tablecloths and nice crystal. I chose it because it was said to have a good wine list and indeed it did. We had a very nice meal.

We didn't linger for dessert, however, because a Euro 2008 quarter final game with Netherlands was on and Robin and Scott were eager to get to a tv. They returned to the flat while I went in search of coffee and milk for the morning. The nearby Tesco was closed but I found a small store on East London street where I picked up coffee, milk and juice, then scurried back in the rain.

We sipped on scotch and wine while watching the Netherlands lose to Russia. We then sent Robin home because we were getting tired.

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