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5am and there is an idiot peeping his horn, the two screaming Spanish dogs from yesterday have started screaming again and a kid is crying somewhere nearby.

I read my book for a while, no point in trying to get anymore sleep.

Get up about 7:30ish and cooked beans and eggs for breakfast. I went back online to confirm the next campsites details and found a better one. Cheaper and in the same area. 10:30ish we headed off.

Very weird. It is going to be a hot day but the campsite and nearby area was clothed in a heavy fog that has a cold edge to it. It is actually pleasant after the heat of the last few days. A few minutes driving and a hard turn inland, and we drove out of the fog into a bright sunny day.

We headed west and found the campsite, with only a little detour, and, at the invitation of the very nice man on reception, went and selected a pitch. The place is nice and quiet, even though it is just off the highway, and there are not a lot of people here.

There is a small pool and plenty of shade. This place will do for a day or so. And it is a lot cheaper than Marbella Playa.

Not much to report really. Set up the camper, Rowena did some badly needed washing and we set down to have a healthy lunch of salad and tuna. I downloaded the camera (it was maxed out) and Rowena suggested that I have a siesta. I though that an hour or so of reading my book was what the doctor would order were he here, so I jumped up into the sleeping area.

Sleeping area?

Damn right. Two minutes of reading and a couple of hours later I woke up.

Met another English couple and had a yarn with them about campsites. They are coming from where we are going (and visa versa) so there is the chance to swap a few war stories there.

Had a dip in the pool, but it is covered (semi indoors type arrangement) and so we headed back to the camper for a tea of watermelon and a bit of a read.

The English couple have a very nice large camper. This became more obvious when another camper arrived with his family and a caravan. It was pretty obvious that he was not comfortable backing the caravan and he took it off the car. This left it sitting on a shallow slope, above the English couples camper with the guy being assisted by his wife and kids to try to move the caravan around. I had visions of the nice new camper and the not so new caravan becoming one, so jumped out to give him a hand.

This was the height of the excitement for the day. Not bad really!

Visited with our new neighbours and gave them some camp site brochures. This was about 1145pm, but they were up and so were we. Got talking to them about various camp sites and travel experiences, which led to talk of home (UK for them, NZ for us) and how bad things were there, which led to an invitation for a beer and a wine, and another and finally saying goodnight, at a little after 2am. Party animals us!!!!

Tomorrow we will try to get to Gibraltar.

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