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I awoke feeling like s**t. I had had about 4 hours uninterrupted sleep… and it was hot. Shut the van down ready for the road and we set off. The title line above says “to Camping Marbella Playa” as the destination. This was not actually going to be the case. We had read about a campsite about three hours west of Fortuna at a place called Amerimar.

We got there with little problems, found the turn off (as per the book) but that was where it ended as far as things going to plan. The book said go passed seven round-a-bouts and at the seventh one turn right. Well we got to the seventh one and a right turn would have had us drive through a fence and onto a vacant lot. So we kept going, many more round-a-bouts ahead. We finally found the street where the campsite was supposed to be, but guess what? It is now a huge block of apartments, no campsite in sight anywhere.

There were no other sites in the book, which left us with no choice but to push on to Marbella, another 230 kilometres away.

And the book was also wrong about how to get to the next campsite. The old way is now a new road, well I say new. It is new since the book was printed but was being re-surfaced and felt like driving along a four-wheel drive track. This went on for miles and we were not sure that we were even on the correct road. Unusually the road did not have the normal road numbering system that had made driving here thus far so pleasant.

We knew that the campsite was between the main road and the beach, and we were on a main road, and we could see the sea. So we kept going. We finally found the place and, “OH MY GOD”. It was packed, The pitches were so narrow that you are against the campsite of the neighbour, there are three million kids, all screaming and crying, there are three million women, all screaming and arguing and three million guys, all drinking …. and screaming! There are young men in boom box playing cars, others on un-muffled motor scooters or walking about screaming.

We set ourselves up, I was knackered after no sleep the previous night and over 500 kilometres under our belt that day, and had tea. We went and had a beer and just to reinforce the dismal-ness of the place the bar maid was surly and did not speak to us at all. She did slam my change on the counter….. and then screamed at a passing fellow worker.

We had our beer and headed to the camper for an early night. We checked the campsite book and found a site near a place called Estepona. This is nearer Gibraltar than where we were and so decided that that would do us.

The Marbella site had WiFi and we thought (after what we had put up with during this leg) we would check out the next campsite online. It was there alright, except that it was now closed and had been the subject of a bitter court battle between the owners and some permanent tenants who were being evicted after a semi life time of living there. It also showed the damage that had been done to tenant’s property by unknown people during an attempt to persuade them to leave.

Well perhaps not!

So we set to to find another campground for the next day. We found one about ½ an hour west and, happy with the decision to move on, hit the hay for an early night. Well that’s what we though. The bar, being about twenty metres away, swung into life at about 8pm. A band, a singer a licence to midnight and lots of screaming Spanish people knocked that idea on the head. A couple of boom box vehicles, two screaming Spanish dogs and someone arriving home on the unmuffled motor scooter and we managed about 5 hours sleep.

After the highs of the previous few days, the low of this place was made even worse. We are looking forward to going!.

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