Rog & Jude's 2008 Alaska Adventure travel blog

My first igloo sighting...: )

Lupine is abundant on the roadsides

Rog at Hurricane Gulch

Cool shot of the bridge

Our site for tonight

A talented local provided good music

We only traveled a couple of hours today to get to Trapper Creek, where we have reservations for tonight and the weekend. We figured that with it being July 4th weekend, it would be a good idea to do so.

As they don't do fireworks here (yeah, guess it woud kind of be a waste - it doesn't get dark!) so we had to find other fun. We walked over to the Cache Creek Lodge Bar, and had a yummy dinner of burgers, jello,and fruit on the house - it was their bash for the 4th. We apparently missed the huge water balloon fight they'd had earlier...but that was ok with us : ) A couple of guys played guitar and sang later on, and they really were quite good, singing mostly older country songs.

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