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The cathedral

The organ in the cathedral

The hall used in Harry Potter

The docks


The red lion, where we stayed

Well Moby failed his annual roadworthy check.... but not to despair, you get 10 days to fix the things that failed and lucky it was nothing really bad and lucky Willy is very handy and could fix it all himself. We just needed to change the brake pads, the front shocks, one of the tyres and we had been having a bit of trouble with our lights and we had to fix that, but he worked that out too. The only thing that was bad was the emissions test. On the test the pass score is 2.5, well poor Moby got 11.5! Hmmm but they told us to run our fuel tank right down and gave us some stuff to put in the fuel to reduce emissions on diesel trains!! But it worked we passed that with flying colours 1.18. So now we are safe for another year.

The town where we found the DAF centre, Gloucester was such a nice little town to stay in for a couple of days anyway. Our camp site is about 5 mile out, beside a river with a nice green picnic area and a big old pub and lots of ducks! The sun has been shining 60% of the time and it has been beautiful weather, but when the sun goes behind the clouds it all of a sudden becomes really cold and you look to the sky to see how long it will take to pass. Then the cloud drifts over and it’s nice and sunny again.

While the car was at the mechanics we took a stroll into town. The town is dominated by a huge beautiful cathedral, so we went to have a look. It is one of the nicest churches we have seen so far, it was just as beautiful inside. It sports the largest stained glass window in Britain, the size of a tennis court and its cloisters where used in the latest Harry Potter film as the hallway of the school.

Gloucester is a town of 600,000 so it had quite a few shops in the town centre. We stocked up on some cheap books and had a pasty for lunch. It’s a very nice town to wonder through the little streets of the old quarter, the old houses and churches and the remains of the old city walls. The docks are being refurbished and will be quite nice when it is all done.

We visited a museum in a large old manor; it was all paintings and sculptures of nature. There were some amazing paintings and some very cool sculptures, a lot of the ones made out of scraps of metal and very well done.

This morning we are heading in to the farmers market to hopefully get some homemade goodies and then we are off to Wales to a place called Snowdonia to do some hiking. How cool does Snowdonia sound..... literally!

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