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Hey ya’ll this is my final entry (only entry) over the whole trip. First of all I just want to say is that if you want to find out how well you and your family works to together or find out a lot about them jump in an RV for 2+ weeks and drive all around CA. Well I guess I should start now. Columbia was great fun, there’s not too much for kids like Nat’s age to do in the town unless you love history (but at ten I seriously doubt it) but, there is panning for gold I mean come on what kid doesn’t like panning for gold? Yosemite was one of the best but, I recommend trying to get a spot in lower pines in the valley. We only got to do a few things like mirror lake (awesome) and see some (as in only a fraction of how big that part of the park is) of the giant redwood trees. Next is the Monterey aquarium that is the coooooooooolest place at Monterey next to the IMAX if you go their and it is still playing (doubt it) you must see SEA MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!! But the aquarium was cool highly recommended. Next at Pismo beach we went to pacific dunes ranch it was a really nice ride on the beach but other wise I mean it was a horse ride (not super exciting) but some cool info – if you’ve seen Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (and if you haven’t the rest of this sentence is a spoiler!) – guess what the dunes you ride on are the same ones that Jack Sparrow comes back over from Davy Jones. Hearst’s castle – awesome (that’s all I can really say cause you have to experience it yourself) even if you don’t like history also don’t go on tour one try to get 2. Solvang – Uh? Not much to say I mean it’s just another shopping place just with Danish stuff (kinda) but hey, if you like knives as much as I do you might as well stop by Nordic knives (oh and if anyone wants to get me a 15th b-day present worth roughly $4500 you can get me the all steel knife made of blued steel that’s it) also stop by del sol it’s awesome. Finally the McGrath beach state park and the Channel islands – now why I did that to beach was because A) you can’t get to the beach from the campground except for driving their and B) the beaches over there just plain STINK I mean if you want to go to a nice/decent beach fly to the east coast or Hawaii. Now the Channel islands (or for us island) now, I’m warning you now DON’T GO TO ANACAPA now I don’t know about the others but Anacapa is just a rock with Seagulls. Above all the trip was great and now I’m looking forward to go home. Hey if you read all of this I congratulate you for reading it all as much as myself for writing it I hope you all enjoyed hearing about it but, seriously try it some time before you die you only get 1 life live it to the fullest! Oh, and that thing about the knife just kidding (unless you really want to or get it as a graduating present high school or college ,your pick, but don’t everyone each buy one just get one from the whole family). jk.

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