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June 28 - July 3 -

Oxnard,CA - I'm not quite sure how to make an entry for today. How to describe this place after leaving the Ritz of campgrounds? Well, if my mother-in-law (aka Ms. travel 1st class) or my mom (aka Will never camp -ever!) are judge by St. Peter as having not lived a good life - ten they may spend all of enternity at McGrath State Park. Notice I left out the word "beach", which is how the state of California advertises this place. But, the kids have had a ball riding their bikes - albeit no beach. The campsite is seclded with large buses of pretty violet pom-pom type flowers with yellow dots. There is a large dusty field whre families play volleyball, pass football and play horseshoes. I don't get it, it's full of squirrel holes - yes these rodents burrow in the ground leaving tunnels and holes everywhere.

But there is not a beach to be found! We can hear the waves crash, but can't get to the beach. So I asked for directions, and was informed you can't get to it!! You can drive north or south about 3 - 5 miles and go to a beach. We finally left the park at 4pm and arrived at the Ventura Beach Park - we were informed it was a nice private beach. We must have misunderstood. Maybe the people of CA think this is a nice beach, but we didn't last 10 minutes. The garbage was everywhere and the smell was intolerable. Only the seagulls thought it was Club Med. Kids were swimming in the filthy water and there was a life guard on duty - she must have really made someone mad to be sent here! Hey, maybe this was her "life after death location".

We headed back to the campground, and I fixed dinner, then we played cherades (splg)- and really had a fun time afterall.

Weds - July 2 - Channel Islands, Anacapaca Island

Our final site seeing trip was to one of the outer Channel Islands. I gave Davis a Dramamine for possible sea sickness, and he slept through most of the 45 min ocean trip. I did wake him up to see the dolphins swimming under and next to the boat. These islands are protected mostly as a bird (seagull and pelican) breeding sanctuary. As we moved closer to the island it looked like white cliffs, but get a little closer and I realized it was bird poop bleached by the sun. We climbed over 100 stairs steps to reach the top. You cannot see the California shore from here, only a few of the other islands. The water is beautiful, and we had a nice hike and lunch at Inspiration Point. But on a scale of 1-10, we gave this side trip a 3. After Yosemite and Monterey, it was a bit of a let down. Mostly a big rock with seagulls and their baby chicks. Although I did learn some interesting facts in case I'm ever on Jeopardy.

We returned to the campsite to find that the family from Deliverance had moved in next door, so that was it for us. Time to hit the road.

At San Simeon Natalie started coughing and by late today she wasn't feeling so great. Since we turn in the RV on Thurs morning, Fred used his points and checked us into a wonderful Marriot Residence Inn. After two weeks together in 27' it has been nice to have three bedrooms and two baths! We are about to leave to drive south to L.A. I think knowing we are almost home, we are all looking forward to seeing real trees and the kids can't wait to see the dogs. On Sunday, Natalie and I leave for Ohio to go get Bless! We will stay there for about three days, then head home for good.

I hope I haven't bored you too much with these entries. Tonight at the hotel, Davis and Natalie will give you their final thoughts on the trip. I'm looking forward to reading them too. Bye Ya'll. Beth

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