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Finally we were back in an English speaking country!! And vegemite on toast mmm couldn't be better. We were now at aunty Sheilas in Seaham county durham. Nan and Jasmin had arrived the day earlier and were staying at aunty Marys so they popped in to make sure i was awake – which i wasn't. The family all amalgamated at aunty marys after lunch for a catch up then us girls all went shopping at their local DFO – i got some hot heels! We basically just had a relaxing day.

On Saturday we set off for Scotland – first up Glasgow, there really wasn't much to do there but shop, and it was raining again all day so even on one of those sight seeing buses we didn't get to see much. We spent the night about 30mins out of Glasgow at the Erskine bridge hotel. Dinner was great they had a four course traditional dinner – i had the veggie option so it wasnt very traditional but Brent nan and jasmin had some scottish broth and some haggis. The during the dinner there were scotsmen playing bagpipes and they did the ode to the haggis where they walk the haggis around the room so everyone can see it before they eat it. Then after dessert they had scottish dancers and a celtic band who were awesome, one guy played the guitar part from thunderstruck ACDC and they all played we will rock you, they were great. It was like 11pm before they finished so we headed to bed.

The next day we drove to Edinburgh – it was actually a great day weather wise, so we were able to see a lot. We met up with Katie and Daniel and toured around with them for the day. We jumped on a sight seeing bus up to the castle and went for a quick wander through to see the crown jewels and the stone of destiny. Then we jumped back on the bus and saw the rest of the city, we really didnt have enough time here we need to come back at some stage. As we got on the bus back home it started raining again – its the end of June isnt it supposed to be summer over here? I think we have only had like 2 days without rain since we started contiki. We arrived back in sunderland at about 7pm and has some lasagne toasties for tea mmm. Home cooked food is so good right now.

On monday 30th June Sheila took us up to south Sheilds and we caught the ferry over to North Sheilds for lunch – fish n chips it was so good and the mushy peas were fab. Then we wandered around the beach front and back to the ferry. We popped round to Marys that night to meet uncle Les and Moyra.

Yesterday we all headed into Durham for the day, we saw the cathedral and the castle then went to the botanic gardens and stopped for lunch. Its a cute very old city with all cobblestoned roads and walking malls it was great. We got back to seaham at about 5 just in time to send off more parcels home. Then Sheila cooked us bangers n mash with yorkshires and onion gravy for dinner oh it was the best dinner ever. After that brent and i went for a walk down to the beach front and up the mall. It was a beautiful night.

Then today is my birthday - I'm officially a old bag – 25!! So i decided to have a lazy day, sleep in till 10:30 then watching tv all day. Tonight we are all heading out to Martonis for dinner tonight, mmm italian.

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