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Moose Pond


Rocky narrow road.

Rocky road


Helicopter delivers supplies onto the mountain.


Great views

Start of Salmon Glacier.



Road was closed to snow but we were able to walk up...

Looking down the valley.

up as far as we can drive.

Bear Man

One of the many waterfalls

The glacier as it comes down. The black line is happened when...


Looking across to one of the gold mines




Second gold mine




Caroline's shop

License plates for sale

The bus dinner best fish in town.


Halibut dinner at the Sealaska Hotel

Look out Dad the bear has us.

Crossing the Canadian Border

It is off to Salmon Glacier this morning. The road in is rocky but the view is spectacular.

It takes us about 1 hour to go 9 miles but it was worth it. We were unable to drive the full way because of the upper part still having snow on it. We could walk about another ½ a mile to view the glacier a little better. There was a man that had set up camp who the locals call the bear man. He has filmed bears all over and has compiled books and DVDs that you may purchase. Very interesting to listen to his stories as he answers any questions you may have. We passed two active gold mines on our up. One that is tunneling into the mountain to get it’s gold out and the other is using the streams. Spike says both of them are making a profit. The salmon are not running yet, we are about 2 weeks early, but when they are they streams up here are filled with bear. There are viewing places where you can go a watch and be safe. On return we decided to ride into Hyder to see if Caroline had her fudge was in yet, and yes she did. Good homemade fudge. I noticed that she had license plates for sale and asked about them. She replied that she buys these plates from the state that cannot be issued legally. She does this because people from abroad collect license plates and people around here were getting theirs stolen, so Caroline hopes now they will just buy hers and leave the local cars alone.

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