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It's a good thing that I am leaving tomorrow because I've been on a shopping frenzy these last two days, and I don't think my wallet can handle many more days of this...Yesterday I had an interesting morning checking out Koh San road early before the crowd and I got hassled by this jerk at one of the stalls. I told him that I was going to come back and buy these gifts but I didn't want to carry them around while I continued shopping, but he must not have understood because he went off on me completely calling me every bad thing you could think of and literally chasing me out of his shop....not gonna buy your merchandise now asshole! Anyways, this just topped my feelings about's not the place for me. I feel like even the other tourists here are flakey and rude. I've spent about 80% of my time here getting lost or trying to find a metered taxi to take me someplace. I've had enough of the tuk tuk's and not only do they charge a ridiculous amount, but they also force you to look at the goverment stores so they can get free I learned my first day here. Yesterday I got advice from my Indian tailor lady to ride the public bus to the weekend market...which was fine once I finally found someone who understood enough english to help direct me as to which bus I should get on out of the hundreds at the bus stop. The market was the biggest jam-packed market I have ever been in, and there was so much going on I couldnt keep my mind straight...but after I got used to it all I spent a few hours using my fantastic bargaining skills and people watching. Today I decided I needed a break from the city life for a bit...I've had a headache since I've been in Bangkok (probably a combination of the fumes and the noises...) I found a nice rooftop pool and read my book for most of the morning and then headed to the trendy thai mall (MBK) another jam-packed atmosphere that is five stories high of all different kinds of shops. Again I spent the remainder of my day there picking up a few last minute items. It's hard to resist when the prices are significantly cheaper...I leave tomorrow morning (monday here) and I'll be back in the U.S. on tuesday, I have another 36 hours of traveling ahead of me...but I can't wait to be back!!!

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