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Us on the beach (at dusk-forgot to take photos during that day!)

Entrance to the beach

Even the benches are shaped like surf boards!

The sunset from our balcony

Hey folks,

we're now in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. The plan here has been to relax, stay away from the shops, and basically save a bit of money by doing nowt but chilling on the beach. We have been very successful on all counts.

Once we were settled in our room in the hostel we made straight for the amazing beach here. Spent a couple of hours relaxing there then managed to find ourselves a FREE dinner! The hostel has some deal with the bar below us, buy a drink and you get a meal along with it. Amazing! Think they were trying to entice us to stay for the karaoke but managed to beat a hasty retreat. Luckily for us, we could still hear it from our room for hours.

Still suffering the effect of our overnight journey the night before, we treated ourselves to an early night. Got a bit of TV watching in before bed. yes...we have a TV! Haven't seen one for a while. Weren't quite sure what to do with it at first. Worked it out quick enough.hehe.

This afternoon we had our second ever surfing lesson. We didn't let on that we'd had one before in case they expected too much (anything?) from us. They were teaching a different method, anyway, so technically we were new to it. Had a reasonable amount of success. We both preferred the new method and felt a bit more confident. Think we might be ready for the world tour soon...hmmm...might give it a year.

We went back to the hostel afterwards for a swim in the pool. We've been so lucky with our hostels - have stayed in some really amazing places.

Just had our second free dinner. Moving on up the coast tomorrow morning. In a couple of days we'll be going to a sand island, Fraser Island, to do a 4x4 camping safari. We'll have to tell you about that when we get back to the mainland. Not sure how many internet cafes we'll find amongst the dunes!

Hope everyone's well. Take care of yourself...and each other.

Lots of love,

Emma & Sophie


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