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To the Hot Springs

Hot Springs

In the HOT pool

Soaking it up

Cooling off

To Top of the World Park





Don't want to meet a logging truck

Speaks for itself

Road continues

Mountain Goats

Babies following

Posing for the camera

Columbia Lake


Went in search of “hot springs” (the water type) today. There are plenty around here and you have a choice of “developed” which are like large concrete swimming pools into which the water flows, or “natural” rock pools generally along a river. We decided to check out a natural one near Canal Flats. It is a rustic drive to get there and not anywhere near any “resort” type facility. We thought at first we had picked the wrong road to drive down because there are no directional signs indicating the way. So after about 30km on gravel road we arrived and others were there also. The “pools” were down the bank by the Kussler River. River rock had been piled around to create the pools at varying levels. At the highest, hot (about 110-112 degree) water comes from a spring then overflows to a level which begins to mix with the river water and thus cools down to a comfortable 85+. Step out of this pool into the running river and it doesn’t take long before your legs get numb. It is COLD!

After lounging around there for awhile we headed further down the “rustic” road and turned unto one signed as going to the “Top of the World” park. Check the pictures to see what kind of road this was and where it was leading us. After about 40km, seeing no-one else and even the GPS looking blank, like we were lost, we turned around headed back, never reaching nor finding the “park”. Again no signage, just take your chances. Went through an avalanche area, logging area and did even see a RV parked off in the woods next to the river. They really apparently like to get away from it all. Besides the ever present little ground squirrels, we saw little wildlife until running across the mountain goats.

That alone made the trip worthwhile in itself considering how close we were able to get.

Stopped by Columbia Lake on the return to camp.

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