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So yesterday I decided to take it upon myself to navigate my way to all of the famous wat's and tourist sites in Bangkok and that lasted all of about 45 minutes. Apparently it was a big buddhist holiday here yesterday and the goverment was giving the tuk tuk drivers a gas incentive if they drove a tourist to specific sights...I turned away many offers, but in the end decided it would be better to actually see some kind of buddah and temple rather then be walking in circles lost all day. So, here is where my day took a spin. After finding an awesome Indian tailor lady to make me some linen pants and eating a delicious lunch on Rambrutri, I mapped out where I wanted to go. One of the tuk tuk drivers that offered to take me around marked all of the must-see wat's around town, including one called the lucky buddah. So after I got totally lost, I found a tuk tuk driver and showed him where I wanted to go, but he disagreed with my plan and wanted to take me to a different wat in town that he called the lucky buddah...confused, I asked one more driver and low and behold he pointed to a totally different wat and said this was the lucky buddah....How many lucky buddah's are there? Perfect example that these people are all full of shit. I finally got my way with the last driver I chose, but I had to go into two government shops for him and pretend to shop around so he could get free gas...A lot of the local people wear masks around there mouth and nose here, and I can totally see why...there is so much pollution in this city and after riding around in a tuk tuk all day breathing it in, I had a pounding headache. I had a really good dish of pad thai from a street stall and talked to this guy from Israel who has been traveling for 20 years! So basically when I was three years old, this man left home to travel the world and hasn't been back...He said he has been to Bangkok about 50 times and still hasn't found anything he likes about it, which I can pretty much agree with. I am not one who enjoys the city life all that much, and Bangkok is such a big city, its almost its own country...I am getting anxious to be home now :)

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