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Kelly, our adopted daughter Rasna, Aaron

Danielle and Tyler getting married

A beautiful bride!

Larry and Kelly

Matt and Kelly

Aaron and the groom's brother, Evan

Duffer - watchdog at the park!

We have 14 new baby geese this year at our place in...

Seven adults keep guard

The smallest kept wandering away

A couple of bigger ones

Heading home

Looking for food

Looking for food

A big family

A big worry - eagles in the trees

New baby Ryland Popoff

A new playhouse

Big brother Max

Young Elvis

The Campground Gang

Old Elvis

Charlie and Vicki (managers of the park) and Midge

Janet playing the spoons

A Tina Turner tribute

There was dancing also

Then we went inside for Karaoke

Paul and Janet singing

What a fun group!

Who's he talking to?

PCS new store

The Morgan - anyone want to buy a condo?

Pool/hot tub at Lakeshore Inn

Vines at Summerhill Winery

Summerhill Pyramid - where the wine is stored

Giant bottle of wine!

Predator Ridge

Predator Ridge

New Playhouse - Ocean Surf

New kitchen - Ocean Suf

New family room - TV is hidden behind some art - Ocean...

Aaron at Mac's Smokehouse - yeah, he's not quite old enough in...

Maureen at Mac's Smokehouse

Our first seats were in row 3

Jumbotron and the roof that moves

Vernon Wells

Cito Gaston

Roy Halladay and Scott Rolen

Roy Halladay

Richie Sexson is very tall - 6'4"!

Safeco sign (with clock) and the roof of Qwest field in the...

Aaron and Maureen

All set up on the "best" lawn!

Penny and Maureen playing Bocce

Great form!

Ron (left) and Larry won first in the Bocce tournament! Jackie and...

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Deck Warming with Elvis

Happy 4th of July to our American friends!

Since we arrived back on May 12, the weather has been awful as you all know. Our dream of eating dinner outside beside the Barbie has not materialized. As I write this the promise for the Canada Day weekend is heat - but we'll believe it when we see it.

Motorhome life consists of a broken ice maker, carpets being cleaned, a plugged sewer (not the first time) and not much else. We have made a couple of trips to Sechelt to look at either rebuilding the cottage or renovating. We have had the property re-surveyed and have talked to the City. We have had a geo-technical survey done as well. From that we were told that we can rebuild basically using the existing footprint which is great news. We were afraid we would have to move the cottage back from the ocean. Kelly is well settled at the cottage now and is working full time at Source for Sports. He is really loving the slower paced lifestyle.

On May 31 we went to the Taste of Ocean Park. For those of you who were unable to get tickets, it all depends on who you know! Maureen was able to snag a couple of tickets even though we were not in town when they went on sale. Thanks Jane! It was again a great evening, seeing a lot of people we know and tasting some excellent wines and food.

Maureen has been out for lunch and dinner several times reconnecting with friends. We have also had people over for dinner or drinks. It was fun having Jackie and Scott because we all got our Blackberries working and were able to talk to each other across the table!

June 14 to 17 we were guests of Samsung, as one of the sponsors of the Telus Skins Game, at the event in Vernon. Unfortunately, you were not really allowed to take your camera onto the grounds so Maureen couldn't get photos of the stars but it was fun to follow them around. Larry golfed 18 holes on the 15th, 9 on the 16th and 9 on the 17th. Predator Ridge in Vernon is an extremely challenging course with barely a flat lie except on the greens. We stayed at the Lakeshore Inn in Kelowna, which had been reopened especially for this event. It is scheduled for demolition in October, having been bought by the Manteo with an eye to expansion. It is in a beautiful location and the pool and hot tub are pretty much at water's edge. I know it must have been a nice hotel in its day but now it is looking a little neglected. We were treated to excellent lunches in the Samsung VIP tent. Sunday night we were invited to the Pro Am dinner at the Grand in Kelowna. Monday night we were treated to dinner by Samsung at the Summerhill Pyramid Winery. Following a wine tour and tasting, we were served an excellent organic dinner with more wine. If there is ever any doubt that our lives revolve around food...

On June 19 Maureen attended the Peace Arch Community Services 30th Anniversary Party. Maureen used to work here and had not returned in three years. It was again another excellent opportunity to see people not seen in quite some time. It was held in the parking lot and fortunately the weather held.

On June 24, we celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary at the Pearl Restaurant with our new friends and neighbours at the RV park. They are from California, although she was born in Regina and had lived in Victoria and Sechelt over the years. The dinner was wonderful - a Wine Maker's dinner with the owners of Quails' Gate Winery in Kelowna providing the wine. This has always been one of our favourite BC wineries.

On June 28 we went to our old Ocean Surf Place house to see the improvements. There have been many changes, inside and out, and it looks wonderful. The neighbourhood is back to the way it was when we moved in - lots of young children who will grow up together.

On June 30 Maureen and Aaron drove to Seattle to see a Blue Jays/Mariners game. The border line-ups were quite short going both ways so they timed it right. The drive took about 2 1/2 hours. Since they were very early for the game they walked looked for food (Aaron was hungry) and found Mac's Smokehouse. They had southern fried chicken which was excellent. They relaxed there for quite awhile and had a couple of beer. Then they went to Safeco Field. Ticketmaster had accidentally sent Aaron free tickets. When they arrived at the field the scanner showed the tickets as already used but they were let in anyway. The first seats were three rows back on the first base line - pretty good seats! Then the other people showed up with their tickets - duplicates of Maureen and Aaron's! The usher went to the ticket office and whatever they did there, Maureen and Aaron were moved to even better seats right behind first base 12 rows up. The game was really good and the Jays won. Roy Halladay pitched a shutout.

On Canada Day, a BBQ and Bocce tournament was organized. Bocce started at 1:30 and went on for a couple of hours. Larry and his partner, Ron, won the whole thing. There were prizes and also door prizes, as well as a 50/50 draw. The BBQ was great - hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, bean salad, macaroni salad, Sangria and cake for dessert. The weather was perfect, hot with a cooling breeze.

We are scheduled to go to Vancouver Island August 5 and spend a month there. Then we will be going to our RV lot in Vernon for most of the month of September. The plan is to head south mid to late October and head east to Branson Missouri, Nashville Tennessee, Tupelo Mississippi (The Birthplace of Elvis), Oklahoma, New Orleans, New Mexico, etc.

Talk to you soon.

Maureen and Larry

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