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Sunset from the honeymoon suite

Inca ruins on Isla del Sol

Washing day

Sunset from the Isla del Sol

First stop was Puno, whose greatest claim to fame (apart from being the only town in the world where not one house has been completed) is its floating islands offshore in Lake Titicaca. The Aymara peoples of the Lake area were apparently reduced to building reed islands in order to escape the tyranny of the Incas, however having seen the islands being towed by motorboat out to the middle of the lake along with a truckload of llama related tat before the daily 8am yank invasion, we decided to skip them.

The only other distraction we could find in the Puno area was the famous 'Inca fertility temple', a monolitic site of huge stone knobs (or so we were led to believe by the posters and pictures in guidebooks). We decided that this had to be worth splashing out on a 10 dollar taxi ride, however expectations were shattered when we discovered a few knee height mushroom shaped rocks dumped in a piece of wasteground. (See pictures).

On to Copacabana, just over the border into Bolivia which was a pleasant surprise, despite its rather sad claim to being the country's only public beach resort. As an added bonus, the hotel messed up our booking and for a mere $20 we ended up in the honeymoon suite, complete with incredible views, hammocks, a cupola ceiling and even a trapdoor entrance.

A lazy few days sampling the famously cheap beer and lake trout, before sailing to the Isla del Sol, the supposed birthplace of the sun, the moon and various other Inca deities depending on which guidebook you read. Ruins a bit of a let down after our Cusco week, but an amazing day walking around the island, and spectacular sunsets over the lake.

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