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So, our first scuba dive on Saturday didn't go so great for me. We were in some pretty shallow water doing skills for most of the day and I hated it! Breathing underwater made me feel really clausterphobic and unnatural. Everytime we would come up I wouldn't want to go back down again...and I didn't think that looking at stuff underwater was that great. After that I was pretty convinced that I wasn't going to finish the course...BUT after talking to my divemaster and some of the other instructors, I decided to give it another go on Sunday. Which I am very happy that I did, because it was so much better the next time around. We went to a different location that was a bit deeper and finished the skills, and then practiced our buoyancy for awhile. I loved it and Wolfgang (my instructor) told me that I looked like a natural. That night we all went to dinner at one of the scuba guides new restaurant. Just to give you a nice mental picture of this guy, he is an exact replica of the Big Lebowski...everytime I am around him I just can't stop laughing. He is German and his restaurant serves Kebobs so I was excted to check it out. Unfortunatly the Kebob hadn't come it yet that night so I tried a pumpkin burger instead. It sounds very strange, and I was hesitant to try it, but it was really good. After that we went down to the big party beach (Sairee Beach) to celebrate Walter and Marlise's last night (the Austrain couple I have been traveling with...) We watched a fire twirling show on the beach for awhile, and it was incredible. I have seen lots of fire twirling since I have been in Koh Tao, but these guys topped it all. They were doing flips and bending completely backwards, tossing the baton across the beach to eachother, and into the crowd of people. I was totally amazed! Then we found a bar playing live rock music and we danced there for the rest of the night. There are so many Irish and English people on this island, and they all live to party, its pretty entertaining! Yesterday we did our last three dives in water to a maximum depth of 18 meters and it was a lot of fun. When they picked us up from the boat to take us back to our place it was pouring and sleeting. There were about 8 of us piled in the back of a pick-up truck and we were all huddled together trying to keep warm. The road back up to the bungalow got really steep and at one point we started rolling back down and we all had to jump out. It was one of the more scary moments in my life...By the time we got back, we were all exhausted. We finished our final exam, went to dinner and then chilled out at my new favorite bar (the Eazy Bar)to celebrate our accomplishment. It's just like most of the bars on the island with a big deck going out over the beach and you lay on little thai pillows, but I think they play the best music. I could have fallen asleep there last night just looking at the stars...I can see why it is so easy to fall into this island lifestyle, I don't want to leave. I keep pushing back my train ticket back to Bangkok because I love it here so much. Another bar on the beach plays movies on a big screen everynight and everyone lays on the thai pillows watching...two nights ago they showed the movie "the beach" and I had to stop there and hang out for a bit. The island that the book is based off of is right across from the beach that I am staying on. You can see it very faintly on a clear day...

Today I'm gonna lay on the baech and take it easy, we have a big pork roast to go to tonight on the beach with our dive team, so it is our last little horra.

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