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Denali at Sunset

girls in front of Denali

Mama Grizzly and four cubs

another picture of mama grizzly and her cubs

excited to see grizzlybears

We moved about 30 miles up the road today. Got the surprise of our trip. When we went to take showers, we found out the they cost $4.00 each for ten minutes. We are used to paying $.25 for five minutes, but $4.00 for ten minutes is robbery. Needless to say, we didn't take showers. At least the wifi is free here.We drove to Talkeetna today and visited the shops, walked down to the river to get a view of "The High One" Denali, but the clouds were hiding her today. We threw rocks into the river. We split up two cookies between the four of us. Tomorrow we drive to Denali. We are going to take a nine hour bus tour into Denali National Park Saturday morning. P.S. At 10:45 p.m. our neighbor came over and knocked on our window. When I opened the door he said that he and his wife just got back from the South Veiwing Area and you could see Denali. The girls didn't even put jackets on, just their pajamas. We drove 20 miles up the road and fast as we could. We could see peeks of Denali as we drove. When got there the sun was setting behind Denali. There was a trail to an upper viewing area. The mosquitoes were thick and biting. When we got to the upper viewing area, a family was up there watching and said they just saw a moma grizzly bear and four cubs down on the river below. Sure enough there they were. So at the end of the day, we got to see two rare things: (1) Denali and (2) grizzly bears. Wow!!!! What an end to our day,

Lexi's Blog

I slept in today then we went to talkeetna and we throw rocks in the river. Then we went to the backery. We had monster cookies they were giant! THEN we went to a kids park it was giant. We were playing monsters i was the monstger. Gabby thinks im the best monster! I saw a moose on the way but they did not see it. Then we went home and wocht a moive!bie! All a suden our freind next store told us to come to denali and when we got closer to the mointen these people told us they saw five grizzly bears then they poped out of the woods then they started to eat salmomn ther were four baby cubs and a momma we yoused our binculars to see them i got a good veiw wons i saw the momma it was huge and i saw the baby cubs and the were so so so so so cute

Kelsi's Blog

Today we got up and ate breakfast. Then I played my nintendo DS. After that we drove to Trapper Creek Inn Then We ate dinner. after that we went out and explored the town. We went down to the river and through rocks with each other. Then we went and got a big cookie. Then we went to a park and me and my sisters played monster. Then we went home and watched the rest of the movie. We were going to take showers, but then we didn't because they were expensive. So we went home and played store. We also went to MT. Mckennly too. We saw grizzly bears! Even though they looked like big dots they were fantastic with binoculers.

Gabriela's Blog

Today we drove 30 miles so it was a short drive. When we got to the Rv park we went to the gift shop. I got stain remover and it didnt work. Then we went to downtown Talkeetna. There we walked to the river and had rock throughing contests with my grandfather and sisters. Then we went to a bakery and got two giant cookies and split them. After that we went to the park and played monster. Kelsi and Lexi were the monsters. I dont like being the monster. Its fun playing monster but I have swelled knees and i crawled on them and bruised it more. But i had fun. When we came home we watched Enchanted. Now were playing art galleries. Also today our neighbor told us that Mt. Denali Was a clear veiw. So we hopped in the car and drove up to it. When we got there we went on this trail and on our way we saw 5 grizzly bears. 4 cubs and a great big mamma! I took several pictures It was so cool. Around Mt. Denali there was this mountain that was exremly jagged. I had a great ending to our day!

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