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First Red

2 Red's after the swim

First Salmon dinner

New friends The Fireman Pat and wife Carol

Sunday.15th - Going back to the Klutina River this afternoon. Checked back into the campground this afternoon. Fished for about 4 hours still no fish. There are some being caught but still not like they will when the run is on.

Monday.16th - Exciting day on the river, caught my first Red this morning about 10AM. Caught my second about 10:30, put him on the stringer turned to have a picture taken and dropped the stringer in the river. So here are my two fish floating down the river, I can’t lose my two fish that have taken me three days to catch, so I go in after them. And of course the rocks are slipper and I loose my balance and fall into the river. I quickly made a new friend in Pat a retired firefighter from L.A. Pat ran over to me and gave me his hand and pulls me out of the water. I’m able to recapture my stringer, but it only has one fish on it. The other one is floating again down the river. Pat goes in over his shoes to try and save the fish, but I’m able to go in again and throw him up on shore. Of course everyone is worried that I’m going to be kicked out into the currents and carried down stream along with my fish. I ended up with two boots full of water and pretty much wet all over, and a little embarrassed. All day everyone I met ask me if I had been swimming lately and how was the water.

We had Salmon for supper and afterwards I went back to the river and caught my third of the day. Three is the limit here in this river.

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