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One of the other little towns on the lake

Our last stop in Italy was back to Lake Como where we started. We needed to get a couple of things for my bike and well really we came back for the pizza! We found the best pizza in Italy in Como, I wish we had got a photo. This pizza had the thickest perfect crust and it was massive! We had to eat it both nights we were there!

We came back to Como as we wanted to do some riding around the lake, but the weather remained as it had the past 2 weeks and poured rain the whole time we were there so we only ended up staying two days.

We did though manage to drive to Bellagio. Not the casino in Las Vegas! But the town that inspired it. It is a really nice old town on the lake, with little cobbled streets. But the fun was just driving there! Willy is now a professional truck driver! You should see some of the tight roads we have driven on, its crazy. Having to reverse back around corners because there is another truck or bus coming. Trying not to hit peoples houses! It would of been a nice ride 

So we are off to Paris now and hopefully it stops raining. Its meant to be summer! And by the way stop complaining about the price of fuel! Its the equivalent of AU$3.00 a litre here!

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