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Willy was extremely happy when he found out Rage Against the Machine would be doing their only concert in Italy while we were here, especially since we missed them in Australia.

The concert was in a place called Modena, 160kms from Florence and when we awoke that morning it was pouring rain. The concert was to be held outside, but we didn’t stress too much as it was 160kms away! Well it poured rain the whole drive to Modena! It stopped when we arrived and Willy said ‘don’t worry it won’t rain again today’ and it didn’t! It was the nicest afternoon we have had for the past 2 weeks.

Well, seeing a concert like this (for those of you who don’t know Rage Against the machine.... well I don’t really know what genre to put them in..... Metal Rap maybe....) I now understand why we have pretty strict rules at our concerts. Firstly we are lining up and everyone is drinking, but we thought ah well they are just drinking before they go in, but no you could openly walk in with whatever alcohol you wanted! If only we had known! You didn’t even get your bag checked. Surprisingly for the whole concert I didn’t really see any really drunk people, the only people who were wasted I don’t think it was from alcohol.... But could you imagine this in Australia?! everyone would be so drunk, it would be crazy! Next was the security issue.....

The concert was held at a soccer stadium and was split into 4 areas. The front mosh pit with a barrier separating it from the rest of the standing ground area, unallocated seating and allocated seating. The only tickets we could get were for the unallocated seating. The stadium was quite small so these tickets were pretty good. But Willy really wanted to be on the ground in front of the stage and we wondered around for a while, tried getting into that area by just walking thru and then the ‘sorry we don’t speak Italian’ trick but that didn’t work and then we saw people passing tickets under the fences to their friends and then the friend walking in with the ticket! So we thought we would have some of that! It only took us about 5 minutes and we convinced someone to give us their ticket, I went in then passed it to Willy and then he went in and we gave it back to the guy. The only problem with this was there were no toilets inside and it was only 3.00pm in the afternoon and the concert wouldn’t finish until midnight, so I decided I wasn’t going to drink!

Anyway so many people were doing this passing the ticket thing, blatantly in front of the security; I am surprised there were any people in the stands at all!

The concert started and Willy had got us to the front of the barriered off bit to the mosh pit. There were like 5 security guards protecting about 100m of barrier and Willy made the joke about how easy it would be to just jump the barrier when the security guards weren’t looking. Anyway it wasn’t long before someone did and the security guard kind of looked at him and then just kind of went, ah well and let him go. So after this as soon as the security guard was looking the other way there are like 20 people jumping the barrier behind him. It was so funny. People getting caught were just asked nicely to go back, which of course was laughed at as they ran into the mosh pit. After about half an hour and about 500 people in the mosh pit that weren’t meant to be there, I think the security guards just went home. So we jumped the barrier also.

For those of you who haven’t been to a concert like this in Australia, this is the set up. There are 2 barriers between the ground standing area and the mosh pit about 2 meters apart. In the gap there are enough security guards to stand nearly shoulder to shoulder and if you go over the barrier you don’t only get thrown out of that area you most likely get thrown out of the concert all together. The guards are also there to help people who are getting too squashed or have got hurt or too hot in the mosh pit to get out. When you have had enough you just crowd surf to the security guards and they pull you over the barrier and you go back to the back of the standing area.

So we are in the mosh pit and Rage Against the Machine start playing and it just goes crazy. There is a reason only like 50 people are allowed in the mosh pit, not 500. It was actually a little scary even. There were so many people and we were getting so squashed and the usual that you expect in the mosh pit, toes stood on, elbowed, shoved and the worst thing was when people were coming back to the barrier all sweaty and wanting to get out the people behind the barrier were booing them and not letting them out! There were fights and arguments but you were not getting out...... which kind of worried me. Willy and I knew we would get separated so I watched as he got swallowed by the crowd. He got plenty bruised and battered but had a good time and I managed to convince a guy to lift me back over the barrier.

I cant believe it didn’t rain after all the bad weather we had had and the concert was awesome, they really put on a good show. We are trying to get tickets for Radiohead and Beck for when we are in Paris, we will see how we go

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