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It's about 8pm here on thursday, and I am about ready to hit the sack. Yesterday I layed by the beach and did some exploring of Ko Tao, and then the Irish girls and I took a Ferry boat to Ko Pha Ngan for the imfamous Full Moon Party at 5 o'clock and got there about 9:30pm. We met some fun people on the boat and we all went to dinner together when we got there. Among them was a Thai man named Num who ended up watching out for Elish and Maggie and I the rest of the night. I'm glad we went, it was by far the biggest party I have been to and lots of wild things going on, I practically people watched most of the night. Most of the stories from the party will be better to tell in person so I'm not going to type it all out now. Highlights of my night included watching people jump rope with a huge rope that was on fire...not gutsy enough to do that, but it was fun to watch; listen to Num point out all of the "lady boys" that were trying to hit on guys, I had a huge iguana put on my head and got some great photos of that, met some really fun Swedish guys at a bar and got in a paint fight, danced a ton and had several guys ask if I was European and one guy even started speaking Spanish to me...loved that! My tan must be bringing out my European look! And, I of course danced ALL night and morning and watched a beautiful sunrise. We had a great time, but I was very thankful that we Num with us...I was notorious for attracting strange men there and Num was my bodyguard...he's awesome! We took the Ferry boat back to Ko Tao at about 7 this morning and got here at about 11am. Then we had our first Scuba class this afternoon, and got all geared up for our first dive tomorrow. I'm really excited, but I need to get some good sleep tonight so I can fight off any sharks I encounter tomorrow :)Just kidding, I actually hope to not see one because I might freak out and forget how to breath or something. Sleeping has been a big problem for me, I think I've had maybe 2 nights of good sleep the whole time. So I will definitely be ready for my own bed here soon. Speaking of, I'm about to fall asleep on this computer, so its bed time for me...I've been awake for way too long!!!

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