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Why not?!

Come on board

I could get used to this!

The main cabin

Mt. Ranier

The sights

The marina

Hannah's sail boat

Looks good

"Three hour tour...."

Captain John and Danica

Our friend Larry

So glad our flight was canceled

Wine on the porch

View from Johns front porch!

New Washington friends

Yes, a hot tub



Play room

How can we turn this down?!?!

Today we woke up and packed up our car, and headed out to Bainbridge Island to catch a ferry to Seattle. Just as we were pulling into the ferry terminal and about to buy our ticket, Danica got a phone call from JetBlue airlines, saying that our flight was CANCELED due to thunderstorms in the northeast. Great! Now what!? We pulled off the road into a random parking lot, to call JetBlue and get on another flight, when a guy came out of the building and said "Well, are you going to buy a house or what?!" We had pulled into a real estate parking lot. The man, Larry, was really nice, was from Texas, and sold multi-million dollar homes in the area. He let us use his bathroom, and internet to look at flights. Finally after 10 minutes of being on hold with JetBlue, we got through, and the agent put us on the next flight going out to the northeast Tuesday afternoon at 4pm. The whole time Danica was on the phone, Hannah was talking to the man and telling him all about our road trip and our flight situation. He was suggesting different things we could do for the day in Bainbridge, when he mentioned that he was about to go out on a 45 foot yacht with one of his clients to get gas across the harbor, and asked if we wanted to go for a ride around the island. We laughed and sort of shrugged off the invitation, but the more we talked to him and thought about the idea of going on a yacht for the afternoon, the more appealing the idea sounded. We were about to leave, when he asked us one more time, "I know this might sound weird, but you really are invited to come for a ride, if you want to go, we are leaving from the docks a little after 1pm". We told him we might meet him down there, but we weren't sure if we should.

We walked downtown talking about whether or not we should trust this guy and grabbed some coffee, when we ran into him again! "The boat's down here if you're coming". We looked at each other and said sure, why not! So we followed him down to the docks and he led us to this 50 foot, two story, power boat/yacht. The owner, John, soon arrived and welcomed us to his boat, happy to tell us all about the area and bring us along for the afternoon.

An hour run to the gas station across the harbor turned into a 3 hour, personal tour of Puget Sound and Bainbridge. The whole time, we could not believe how we ended up on a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, fully loaded yacht, with 2 strange men. Haha, I know it sounds crazy, but it really did feel safe. We could not have run into two cooler or nicer guys! Talking with them, we found out that they were happily married with children our age, and very involved with theater in the area. We had a awesome time riding around the harbor.

Just as we were thinking about what we were going to do for dinner and where we were going to stay for the night, Larry invited us for dinner. Larry's wife, Victoria, was going to be cooking ribs and corn on the cob at Johns house. Even though we were still a little reluctant we thought it would be nice to have dinner and meet their family. We got off the boat, walked to our car, still in shock about what just happened, and drove to Johns house.

We pulled into the driveway and could not believe that John had a house even more beautiful than his boat! The house had an amazing view that overlooked the water, the mountains, and the Seattle skyline. It was surreal. We met John's wife, Dee, who is a minister at a local church, and John gave us a tour of the property and house. Along with his house, he also has three cabins on his property that he uses for long and short term guests. Among the many awesome aspects of his house, he showed us around his "playroom" filled with every kind of guitar and musical instrument you can think of, and his wine cellar full of wine from all over the world.

We had an amazing dinner, and great conversation getting to know these generous people who opened their arms and homes to two road trip strays. Even Victoria and Dee could not believe that two young girls would follow these strange men, even though they reassured us that we could not have found two better guys on the island. They told us, just like two moms would say to their own kids, "It's great to meet you and could not be happier to have you here, but don't ever do this again". And just when you think this story could not get crazier, we ended the night by watching the sunset reflect on the water and city skyline from their porch, followed by a short swim in their hot tub!

THEN, we were invited to spend the night in their newly renovated guest house/ apartment above their detached garage! We keep laughing at the situation because we can hardly believe that what would have been a disastrous day, turned into this incredible addition to our road trip. Sometimes it is smart to be cautious when meeting strangers, but it is also refreshing to know that there are still good hearted people that you can trust.

*** Thank you, Larry, Victoria, John and Dee (we don't even know your last names!!)!! You are so kind to pick us up and take us in for the night. We are so happy to have met you, and will remember this experience forever***

PS- Mom and Dad, Don't freak out, we are VERY well taken care of and happy!

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