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I just arrived in Ko Tao on an overnight ferry, joined by my favorite Austrians and these two really nice girls from Ireland that I'm taggin along with. The overnight ferry was an interesting experience...stayed awake for most of it, but took a two hour nap before we docked.

I just spent an amazing three days at Railay Beach, and did an amazing climb with my own personal guide-Yut. He pushed me hard, but I am glad he did, because I have never seen views of the islands like that! Keep a look out in climbing magazines for me because about 20 photographers were snapping photos of me on my last climb; which was the most difficult. When I made it to the top, they made me stay up there for several minutes to get pictures and they were having me do all sorts of poses as I came down. It was really insane, I felt like a celebrity doing some photo shoot. Even Yut said that he has never had that happen before, and he wasn't sure what they were going to do with all the pictures they took. I did some exploring on my own on the island in hopes to find a lagoon that I heard was hidden in the mountain, but it was unsuccessful, I just stumbled across an insane shrine of carved wooden weiners inside a cave. Very strange! Every afternoon, the locals played soccer on the beach, and all the thai people watching were so intense, it was fun to watch them!

I was said to say goodbye to Railay, but excited for my next adventure!

I've been having a great time, I can't believe my trip is half way over. The two Irish girls I met on the ferry are just beginning a year around the world together and it gave me more of a travel bug. The people I've meet while traveling alone, are so interesting and are full of stories, I love hearing them!!! I stayed up talking to these girls until about 3 in the morning, learning about Ireland and telling them about America.

We arrived this morning on the ferry at about 6:30 and hiked around with our bags in search for a cheap stay for the night. It's about 8:15 now and we just settled in to these great beach bungalows that we are basically getting for half the price because its low season and everything is discounted. I am talking with a scuba instructor this afternoon to talk about getting scuba certified...which will be about a 3 and a half day course, and its really cheap here to get certified; so I'm going to take advantage! For now, I'm off to go shower and take a nice nap on the beach.

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