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This fellow came by our campsite late last night. He must be...

Sign near the entrace near the Crazy Horse Monument.

Work on this monument started 60 years ago this month. I'd say...

Da Honu basking in luxury at his very first "RV resort".

This is a very nice RV park.

(Ron Writing) We made it through Friday the 13th without anything bad happening. In fact it was a very pleasant day. We left Wind Cave National Park this morning and headed north on US-385 driving several miles through the Black Hills National Forest. The views were beautiful and we both commented how our photos just don’t bring out the beauty of this area. So we didn’t take so many photos today – we hope everyone gets a chance to see this lovely area in the spring when the meadows are green and the wild flowers are blooming.

We stopped in Custer, SD and had lunch while parked in the city park. Continuing north on US-385 we stopped just outside the Crazy Horse Monument for a break and took a couple photos. For those not familiar with this area, the Crazy Horse Monument is the Indian version of Mount Rushmore. I can remember reading about this project when I was still a teenager. We visited it one time about 10 or 15 years ago and were amazed at how little progress they’d made in the intervening 30 or 40 years. Now from our vantage point today it’s hard to tell they’ve made any progress since we were last here. Perhaps they figure they’ll make more money having folks visit to see the work in progress than they would if it was finished! At this rate it will be at least 3 or 4 generations from now before it’s done!

We continued on US-16 north to the Rockerville, SD area and then a little east to the Hart Ranch Campground. We’ve seen Hart Ranch advertised in nearly every RV magazine and it is very highly regarded as one of the best RV resorts in the country. It is a members-owned and members-only campground but they have a special deal which allows visitors to spend three nights here for $40 if you’re willing to listen to a 1 hour sales pitch. We decided to take them up on that offer so we plan to spend three nights here. Tomorrow at 1 PM we’re scheduled for our “arm twisting”.

It’s a very nice park if staying in RV resorts is your thing. The sites are more spacious than most commercial campgrounds, most sites have full-hookups, they have free WiFi throughout the park, and there is no gravel or dirt to create dust. All the roads are asphalt and all the sites have concrete pads and patios. All the area between sites has well maintained grass. There is a large swimming pool, three spas, several tennis courts, a restaurant with very reasonable prices, a store and filling station with the lowest price gas we’ve seen today, and even a maintenance shop where you can get oil changes, tire repairs and other minor repairs. They have entertainment and all sorts of activities every day. Tomorrow we’ll find out what all this really costs!

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