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Straight to the Campfire Gridle

Last days catch

First thing this morning, looking for more Artic Grayling (A.C.). Yep, first trip out 2 more. Winds changed directions and moved all the floating ice back into shore. With the wind blowing in your face off the ice it makes it pretty darn cold. So it’s back to camp for another cup of java and warm up.

Should take a look at the car sometime today, maybe!!

Well, decided it was time to check out the car, findings were not good. All the work I had done in Tok was for naught. The car is once again unable to be towed. The radiator is again damaged, but after running it for 10 minutes it appeases not to be leaking. Drove the car west 4 miles to check out another river for Artic Grayling. No A.G. but car seems to bgerunning OK.

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