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Entrance to Tripoli Harbour with "Welcome" in English graffitied on the retaining...

Hella and I on the Deck as we entered harbour

Chatting as Jennifer enters Tripoli

Customs and Immigration

Getting Ready to see Tripoli

Our guide Abdullah

Entrance to the Souk (Old Market)

Bridal Silks woven with silver!


Afternoon Tea back on the boat!

After two nights and a day we have arrived in Tripoli this morning and now have our visas! We had a nice strong easterly wind from the right direction but very bumpy seas. Made cooking interesting! As you saw on earlier photos we are rugged up at night as it has been quite cold. Night sailing is always a little nerve racking, worrying about other shipping especially fishing boats and where their nets may be.

We have an official guide(Abdullah) and a tourist policeman(Ali) for our whole visit. You cannot travel in Libya without one. He has left us for a few hours this afternoon while we all do various things in Tripoli but our travels within the country will all be escorted.

The guide, driver and van are only 100 euros a day which is very reasonable.

Tripoli was known in Ancient Roman times as Oea and was the middle city of three in the Ancient world. To the east was Leptis Magna and to the west was Sabratha. We are visiting both. As Tripoli continued to be a city the Roman city has been built over so there are just small parts showing.

The people are very friendly and everyone is keen to talk. A surprising number of people speak English and a lot speak Swedish as well! That was surprising.

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